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Michel Arcouette
La Stanley

June 2 to July 15, 2007

In pictures that query the past, Saint-Hyacinthe photographer Michel Arcouette casts a contemporary eye on a place remembered, invoking memories of the working-class world of his forebears. This photographic and conceptual installation pays tribute to his father, his grandfather and their co workers at Stanley Tools in Roxton Pond, which shut down in 1984. Marked by emerging light and windows signifying openness, The photos symbolically reflect his social, political and poetic concerns, but also a memory and a sense of questioning about life and humankind. The dozen large-format pictures are accompanied by artifacts that bear witness to the past, and a text by the artist's son takes the story to the fourth generation.

Opening Saturday, june 2nd at 3 pm.
Presentation by Michel Arcouette Wednesday, june 13 at 7 pm.