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Robbin Deyo

July 15 to August 20, 2006

Dividing her time between Montreal and France, Robbin Deyo has been developing a body of pictorial work characterized by recurring subjects and repeated shapes for the past ten years. Many of her pieces involve candy-bright or pastel encaustic, a smooth, translucent medium suggestive of cake icing or hardened sugar. Coated on various surfaces, shaped with cookie cutters, she uses it to create mouth-watering ornate ensembles that evoke the traditional woman's world (cooking, decorating, repetitive tasks). The heavenly vault is another theme, as seen in Skyscape (2003-2004). This monumental cerulean reminiscence of summer days is accompanied by a selection of recent pieces.

Opening Saturday, July 15 at 3 pm
Presentation by Robbin Deyo Wednesday, July 26 at 7 pm