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Christian Kiopini

Projet S, deuxième version

November 6 to December 22, 2004

For over thirty years, the Montreal painter Christian Kiopini has been preoccupied with the formal and referential modalities of pictorial space. He combines geometric and organic forms with gestural marks and tonal variations, while simultaneously using perspectival effects to undermine the flatness of surfaces. The installation Projet S, deuxième version (2002-2003), being shown at EXPRESSION by Christian Kiopini for the first time, explores both pictorial issues and spatial mechanisms, thus establishing a continuity with his previous practice. Projet S, deuxième version consists of two large painted structures reminiscent of theatrical stage sets. Spectators are encouraged to step inside them, to walk around them, and to experience the realities and illusions generated by the ensemble.

Opening Saturday, November 6 at 3:00 PM.
Presentation by Christian Kiopini Wednesday, November 17 at 7:00 PM