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Eric Cardinal

Comme une sorte de surgissement

March 20 to May 2, 2010

The work of Eric Cardinal, an artist from the Eastern Townships region, is characterised by the accumulation, transformation and assemblage of everyday objects of every description. Through this process, he creates an immediate relationship with the materiality of his work, rather than an expectation that it will render a message of some sort. From this perspective, the formal transformations in his work, through which innocuous objects become works of art, create enough distance between what these objects represented initially and what they have become. For the exhibition at EXPRESSION, Eric Cardinal puts aside the object manipulated by a series of simple and spontaneous gestures and is more interested in the material itself. By means of a slow and controlled manipulation, he inaugurates a second phase in his work: the forms and textures obtained are translated into other materials, giving rise to a new concept of the work of art.

Presentation by Eric Cardinal and Mathieu Beauséjour Saturday, March 20 at 2 pm
Opening Saturday, March 20 at 3 pm