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Isabelle Hayeur

De vraies fausses images De l’inévitable fabrication de la représentation

Curator_ Marcel Blouin
January 26 to April 21, 2013

Produced by EXPRESSION, the exhibition Vraisemblances will also be presented at the Musée Régional de Rimouski from 16 June to 15 September 2013. It will be accompanied by a monograph co-published by the two institutions.

Isabelle Hayeur, a photographer, maker of verisimilar images and an artist of both poetry and social commitment, is known for her landscapes employing large-format photo-montage, video and in situ installation. In a caprice of language, “landscape” can refer to both a work of art and the physical space it depicts. In that case, can one create an image of a non-existent landscape? It’s an ambiguity which sits well with the project of this Quebec artist who skilfully fashions credible images out of her imagination. The two-stage reception of these works invites us, first of all, to perceive the seductive side of these plausible landscapes, and then to grasp that we are in the presence of composite images which sometimes join several fragments of diverse origin. In the face of these finely-crafted photo-montages, seeds of doubt are sown in the viewer’s mind. Introducing this notion of doubt to the photograph itself – which summons in turn the critical sense of the maker, the viewer and the viewed – constitutes a significant shift in our perception of this means of grasping reality, which until quite recently had been seen as the ultimate method for establishing a fact. As a result, photography as a form of certitude is ruled out of Hayeur’s work, something that does not prevent her, on the contrary, from embarking on an intense search for truth founded on the need to become aware of what lies hidden beneath the surface. In short, landscape in Isabelle Hayeur’s work becomes presentation rather than representation, and photography is no longer – was it ever? – a synonym of evidence and certitude.

This exhibition presented at EXPRESSION, entitled Vraisemblances, presents a series of photographs and videos made over a ten-year period, from 2003 to 2012. The exhibition will include new work and other previously exhibited work taken from the series Destination, Maisons modèles and Underworlds.

Presentation on Saturday, January 10, at 2pm
Opening \ Launch on Saturday, January 10, at 3pm