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Jean-Pierre Aubé


Curator_André-Louis Paré
From May 23 to August 9, 2015


Jean-Pierre Aubé's artistic research, beginning in the late 1990s, initially focussed on the notion of landscape as considered within the "pagus", or the delimitation of a inhabited territory. In this perspective, the territory is limited by the boundary that brings it into being. However, Aubé's explorations would soon extend beyond what can be observed, according to our knowledge of the perceptible world.

Recording VLF waves (Very Low Frequency) gave birth to several projects, such as VLF Natural Radio (2000-2004) and the series Électrosmog (2009 - 2012). In orchestrating these radio frequencies, Aubé creates yet-unheard variations on our experience of landscape. Using the appropriate technologies, usually self-designed, he captures and makes manifest electromagnetic phenomena that are neither audible nor visible. Furthermore, taking inspiration from scientific methods, particularly from astrophysics, he extrapolates meaning from the landscape by transforming it into visual and sonic installations. Since the projects Titan et au-delà de l’infini (2007), 31 soleils (Dawn Chorus) (2010) and Exoplanètes (2011), Aubé has been using various scientific and technical data to create the tools necessary to produce his universe of sound and images, a universe whose genesis remains clouded in mystery.

For the exhibition presented at EXPRESSION, these visions of the universe are driven by an examination of our planet's current situation as a territory under high surveillance. The Électrosmog series raises political and economic issues related to the telecommunications sector, while alluding to other types of present-day threats as well. Indeed, with hordes of artificial satellites at the service of private interests orbiting our planet, the Earth has become a highly-controlled field of observation. However, in presenting this geo-political and technological occupation by way of artistic means (video, photo, sound installation), Aubé proposes a fictionalization of the real, with the goal of better understanding it.1.

Guided tour Saturday, May 23 at 2pm.
Vernissage Saturday, May 23 at 3pm.

1. « Le réel doit être fictionné pour être pensé ». Jacques Rancière, Le partage du sensible. Esthétique et politique, Mayenne: La Fabrique éditions, 2006, p. 61.