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Karoline Georges

De la quête du sublime au temps de la virtualité

From May 21 to August 7, 2016


Karoline Georges’ artistic practice deals with the expansion of consciousness and seeks transcendence and the sublime, extracting subtle bodies from rough material in order to attain purified and even virtual experience. In her work, the process of sublimation reveals itself aesthetically, metaphysically and poetically.

Since her artistic beginnings, literature, photography and video have cohabited with performance, sound poetry and, more recently, 3D modeling.

The exhibition presented at EXPRESSION, entitled De la quête du sublime au temps de la virtualité, presents an overview of the past decade of Georges’ exploration of the digital realm, where virtuality, reality and fiction overlap, creating hybrid languages and a unique site of poetization. Whether in Repères, a series of video tableaux showcasing poetic fragments of a dozen North-American and European cities; or in Objets de sublimation, a project that digitally embodies the narrator of her novel Ataraxie and continues her aesthetic quest through 3D modeling; or through the 3D-animated capsules of Programme d’entraînement à l’usage d’une conscience hygiénique, a video project that gives voice to a computer-based creature, Karoline Georges explores the drive to transcend and surpass biological and perceptual limits.


Guided visit and vernissage Saturday, May 21 at 2 p.m.