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Yann Pocreau

Sur les lieux

From November 7, 2015 to January 24, 2016


Curator _ Manon Tourigny


Sur les lieux is an overview of Yann Pocreau’s work of the past decade, presenting artworks chiefly dealing with the plastic properties of light in the photographic image. While photographically representing different positions of the body (his own) in singular places, both private and public, he focuses on the architectural possibilities of these sites, whether historically significant, ravaged by the elements or under construction. In his most recent productions, particularly the series Chantiers, Pocreau demonstrates a mastery of light by showing it as it is, without artifice. Compositionally minimalist, these works foreground simple swaths of colour and light, pictorially echoing the 1950s paintings of Plasticiens. In both his early and recent works, Pocreau maintains a constant dialogue between photography and architecture, and the integration of installation in his current practice allows him to leave behind the unique and one-of-a-kind image of photography. By way of an exploration of the photographic image that highlights its artificial nature, he questions the image itself, whether it be through the appropriation and modification of already existing images or by sculpting the exhibition space using skillful light-play.

Sur les lieux presents a new body of work in continuity with recent projects that explore the possibilities of artificial light. An architectural element unique to the exhibition space, the skylight, serves as the starting point for the site-specific work. The work activated by the presence of visitors, deals with the radicalization of light, which here becomes image. In order to properly situate Pocreau’s practice, the exhibition has been designed as an itinerary where new works are presented side by side with older (Définir la lumière locale) and more recent works (Croisements).

Another part of the exhibition Sur les lieux will be on display at the Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides, from May 22 to August 14, 2016

A short film made by students from Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe during 2015 fall semester, can be viewed here.

Guided visit and vernissage Saturday November 7 at 2 pm.

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