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Laurent Lamarche


From February 6 to April 17, 2016


Curator _ Ève De Garie-Lamanque


Ongoing project organized in collaboration with the Musée régional de Rimouski
Démonstration. Expérimentation. Monstration.


D.E.Mo stems from Laurent Lamarche’s long-term exploration of optical phenomena and the possibilities that arise when matter is transformed. Being both a process and an end-point, the project serves as a framework for the presentation of preliminary and more developed experiments, for confirming or discarding hypotheses, and for a reflection on the artistic and technological approaches employed by Lamarche. The exhibition centre thus becomes a laboratory. This concept of museum-lab comes from Lamarche’s longstanding practice of privileging a science-fictional approach to image-making, using scientific methods to achieve non-scientific goals. Indeed, Lamarche structures his thought and creative process as might a scientist.

The artworks presented in D.E.Mo include photographic and installation-based experiments with light projection and refraction. The base material and tools that Lamarche uses are at the heart of his approach, although the object as such is not always in the foreground. Indeed, the object is often overshadowed by the atmosphere and images that it generates. It is the base material, particularly material and objects from daily life, that inspire the manipulation and experimenting that characterize his creative process. Lamarche’s creative universe sparks the imagination, evoking, by turns, scanning electron microscope-captured images, the culture of micro-organisms, Spirograph-drawn plane curves or cutting-edge technology.

Situated between aesthetic research, fiction-making and the study of various phenomena, Laurent Lamarche takes pleasure in his self-invented scientist role. His approach is comparable to that of the fantasmagorists, those 18th-century experimenters whose performances brought together awe-inspiring entertainment and didactics. Engaging, immersive and experimental, Lamarche’s multi-facetted museum-lab breeds possibility and de-compartmentalizes disciplines.

Guided visit and vernissage Saturday, February 6 at 2 p.m.