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Claudie Gagnon

Triturer le temps

March 24 to May 6, 2007

Curator _ Mélanie Boucher

For two decades, Claudie Gagnon has been retrieving household objects to produce playful art. Her installations, which often include performance, recall curio cabinets and revolve around themes of everyday life, time and social relationships. Gagnon has revived the tableau vivant genre to create worlds where the ordinary and the extraordinary rub shoulders. She makes liberal reference to art and film history. and delights in endowing objects with a theatrical presence, as amply demonstrated by her creative process. Conceived and curated by Mélanie Boucher, this major exhibition includes a retrospective section as well as new work. It will be coproduced by EXPRESSION and another Quebec museum institution, and accompanied by a publication covering the first twenty years of the artist's career.

Opening Saturday, march 24 at 3 pm.
Presentation by Claudie Gagnon and Mélanie Boucher Wednesday, april 4 at 7 pm.