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Luce Pelletier

Toucher l'instant

September 3 to October 23, 2011


What is a geranium? Is it a wild plant or an ornamental, cultivated or domesticated plant? Nature or culture? Beyond our desire to respect nature is our inevitable presence: we are there, we exist, and while taking a step backwards is unthinkable, wishing for our disappearance is absurd. Because we are there, with our cultural baggage, we must learn to live in harmony with nature — a pressing task, Luce Pelletier reminds us. To lead us to that point, she invites us to become sensible to the manifestations of life: to plants, animals, light, textures, motifs — in short, to employour senses and sensitivity. Deriving from her years spent in a rural environment in Montérégie, her installation Toucher l’instant joins contemporary sculpture and textiles, clippings and digital images, opacity and transparency, the living and the inert, manual labour and new technologies. By bringing a variety oftechniques and materials into the present day, she creates new relationships with objects and the environment.

Presentation by Luce Pelletier on saturday, September 10, at 2pm
Opening \ Launch on Saturday, September 10, at 3pm