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Une oeuvre de Troy David Ouellette

© Troy David Ouellette
Fog Factory
Remorque, plastique, machine à brouillard,
aluminium, détecteurs de mouvement, minuterie
213 x 152 x 305 cm

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Troy David Ouellette
Troy David Ouellette was born in Windsor, Ontario and studied visual art at the University of Windsor, where he has taught since 2006. He has been active in the visual arts community since 1991 and has exhibited his work primarily in Canada and the United States. Ouellette's work examines the antagonistic relationship between ethics and abuse, between abundance and lack, from an artistic, social, cultural and philosophical perspective. Using mass-produced objects to create his work, he critiques and confronts our cultural ideas around ethics and aesthetics. At ORANGE, Ouellette presents Fog Factory, which will be exhibited outdoors. Made out of plastic objects created by our consumer society, the work examines the relationship between the present-day environmental crisis and our postmodern consumer habits. Ouellette is also presenting in Saint-Hyacinthe a new series entitled Diversions. These new pieces, models of submarines that have been metamorphosed into mobile gardens where foodstuffs grow, form a humorous and utopian project.

logo Conseil des arts OntarioTroy David Ouellette would like to thank the Ontario
Arts Council for its financial support.